10 Ways to Increase Marital Intimacy

10 Ways to Increase Marital Intimacy

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By Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D

ways to increase marital intimacyThe couple sitting in front of me could barely look at each other. Therapy, she told me, was her last-ditch effort to get through to her husband. She couldn’t get him to understand what she needed in their relationship. Her husband agreed. I wondered if he really didn’t understand or he didn’t agree.

The history of their courting was very romantic. Both agreed that he had done everything he could to please her. He dressed up for dates. He held doors. He made her gourmet meals and took her to nice places. He seemed to really listen to her and understand her. They talked about anything and everything for hours. She was swept off her feet by this handsome, well-spoken, considerate guy. He seemed the man of her dreams.

Two weeks after the wedding, she told me that the dream started devolving into a nightmare.

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