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The Ultimate Dating Don’t: Liar, Liar…

“A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.”

onlinedatingandlying 300x199 The Ultimate Dating Dont: Liar, Liar...Dating and lying. Seems like one is something we first learn to do in our teens and twenties. It seems like the other is something we first learn NOT to do when we are what … age 3, or 4, or 5? Certainly by age 10 (and I’m probably being generous here) we know what lying is and what lying isn’t. So how come I can be writing a post that talks about both dating and lying simultaneously? Continue Reading

Dating vs. Courting: Why We Should Go Back to the Days of Courtship

Today’s guest blog is from relationship coach Janet Ong Zimmerman, who makes a very good case for returning to a more traditional form of romance: courtship. Advancements in our modern day society have provided women with a newfound sense of financial freedom. Compared to fifty years ago, more women can buy their own homes, pay… Continue Reading

Should You Introduce Your Kids to Someone You Recently Started Dating?

If you recently started dating someone new AND you have kids, it can be tough to decide when you should introduce them to the new person in your life. If you’re Dating with Dignity, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to make that choice. But for extra help, Marni shares three signs you know it’s time… Continue Reading

The Biggest Reason You Always Fall in Love with the Wrong Person

Today’s guest blog comes from relationship expert and author Debi Berndt, who urges us all to really take a look at what drives our decision making in relationships. Most articles that offer dating tips will tell you what you did wrong on a date by recounting the deadly mistakes that are keeping you single: “Don’t be… Continue Reading

Twelve Signs You’re Dating a Financial Nightmare

Today’s important guest blog is from Dr. Charles and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz – who raise some crucial points to consider about the person you are dating — and their financial picture. Should you consider a person who doesn’t have clear financial goals as a lifelong partner? Balancing the family budget requires teamwork and setting common goals. People who… Continue Reading