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How to woo a woman: Old-fashion etiquette vs TNT’s guide to dating

Having trouble landing yourself a date? William Sweeting, an etiquette consultant and events manager for royals and dignitaries, shares the good old-fashioned way to woo a woman, plus we suggest a few ideas of our own…

The old-fashioned way: “A gentleman should always approach a lady first as it would be unseemly if it were the other way around,” says Sweeting, who counts ITV’s Ladette To Lady among his TV appearances. “To gain the lady’s attention he should send over a glass of champagne to her table with a note. He should then try to gain eye contact and smile, assessing when or if an approach may be appropriate.”

Once you’ve exchanged pleasantries, it’s time to “enquire if she might like to meet again”. If she gives you her number, call the next day to say how lovely it was to meet her and that you would be “most interested” in meeting her again.

Modern-day gent: William Sweeting

The modern way: You’ve spotted a fox on a dating website, so you give her a cyber-wink, but wait for her to make the move, or you message her with something witty like, “Hi”. If you’ve spotted her in a public place, you ignore her, or shout “Oi oi!” if you’ve had a few bevvies, then sit back and wait for her to come to you. If you do manage to get her number, you wait a week before texting her: “How’s it going?”  Continue Reading

Five Ways to Deal with the ‘Why Are You Single’ Question

I am not sure why some people think they have the right to ask anyone when they plan to get married, have kids or why they are still single. It’s definitely invasive and annoying. Today’s guest blog post from YourTango expert and author Stan Popovich offers five options when confronted with this series of questions!… Continue Reading

The Secrets to Making an Interracial Relationship Work

Today’s guest blog comes from author Kristiana Kahakauwila, whose new book This is Paradise looks at the islands of Hawai’i from a completely different perspective — through relationships, culture and couples. I asked her to expand upon the relationships aspect of the book, and I am glad I did! Read on for her thoughts about making an inter-cultural… Continue Reading

Does Compromise Get Tougher as You Get Older?

“Marriage is about compromise; it’s about doing something for the other person, even when you don’t want to.”  ~ Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding I had a great conversation with two friends the other day. Both are widowed. They are dating each other, and it’s starting to get serious. While not pointedly addressed quite yet, it’s… Continue Reading

Talking to Your Grown Children About Divorce

The Cyrus family has been no stranger to the spotlight. From Billy Ray’s fame as a country icon and more recently Tish and Billy Ray’s severe case of “are they or aren’t they” getting a divorce, being in relationship limbo is confusing to adults and can wreak havoc on children too. (Is it just coincidence that daughter Miley… Continue Reading

Dating vs. Courting: Why We Should Go Back to the Days of Courtship

Today’s guest blog is from relationship coach Janet Ong Zimmerman, who makes a very good case for returning to a more traditional form of romance: courtship. Advancements in our modern day society have provided women with a newfound sense of financial freedom. Compared to fifty years ago, more women can buy their own homes, pay… Continue Reading

Codependent Relationships: How to Know if You’re in One and How to Break the Pattern

If asked to picture a codependent couple, you might imagine a hunky-dory pair who does everything exactly the same: talking, walking, and dressing. The truth about codependent couples, however, is quite different. Though there are many different versions of codependence, they all share the same underlying problem: They try to control their partner and they aren’t comfortable… Continue Reading