Monthly Archives: August 2013

The World Is Changing, and So Are the Solutions for Passive Aggression

By Neil Warner Out in the research and psychology world, there are little to no resources that offer help men heal their own passive aggression. There are almost no blogs or websites that address the passive aggressive person directly, sitting him down and giving it to him straight. Unhappy wives have taken up this task,… Continue Reading

Does Living Together Before Marriage Increase Chances of Divorce?

Today guest blog is from author and relationship expert Nancy Pina, who minces no words as she writes about couples who choose to live together without being married. It’s an interesting perspective and definitely worth some consideration. Popular culture implies that after a couple has dated for a certain amount of time, the next logical… Continue Reading

Be a kid again: Acting your shoe size, and not your age, can actually be good for you

You probably haven’t, but you should, because it makes it a helluva lot more enjoyable. The Color Run presented by paint company Dulux is taking place this Sunday and involves just that. “Imagine it as a great big summer snowball fight of colour,” event director Joe Rafferty tells us. Billed as “the happiest 5k on… Continue Reading