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7 Rules For Online Dating Profile Pix That Get You Noticed

You know the saying… A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is especially true when it comes to online dating sites.

Like it or not, we are visual beings. That’s why it is so important to have a great picture representing the real you online.

It is the key for opening the door to being contacted on dating sites.

Start by making sure whatever pictures you post show you smiling. No sour faces allowed. This is especially true for women. Men love a woman’s smile and it’s often the first thing they will notice about you. Continue Reading

Two Key Ingredients for Great Sex

It’s an important part of any fulfilling relationship or marriage, yet so many couples struggle in the sex department. I really love this blog from marriage counselors Carista Luminare, PhD. & Lion Goodman, who identify the emotional aspects it takes to connect on this level with your partner. It’s a universal desire, driven by ancient brain… Continue Reading

Power Imbalances in Relationships: Two Factors That Cause the Most Tension

The greatest love songs of all time are songs about relationships, but those relationships are highly idealistic. Picture Celine Dion singing about how she’s felt blissful every single minute of her love affair, and you’ll know what I mean. In love songs, there’s no such thing as a bad mood or traffic or telemarketers. Coming back… Continue Reading

A Case for Skipping Starbucks: Get Better Results By Elevating Your Coffee Dates

Want to know the four words that are sabotaging your chances of online dating success? They’re not “I love to laugh” or “I feel no chemistry.” They are “Want to grab coffee?” At first, the question seems harmless. “Sure!” he thinks. “We can meet at that Coffee Bean off the freeway on my way home… Continue Reading

Tell Me About Your Mother

When one thinks of psychology, many people consider  Sigmund Freud and his methods of psychoanalysis. Although Freud’s methods are still somewhat seen in modern day psychiatry, people don’t really think about him in reference to dating advice. However, recent research proves it may be useful to keep some of his ideas in mind when looking for that special someone. A study out of the… Continue Reading

Simple Strategies for a Peaceful Holiday Season with the Family

The holidays bring people together and can also bring up some painful issues for many of us. I really liked these simple guidelines from relationship expert Bobbi Anderson so much that I had to share this with you all. It’s a good thing to have handy and read over just before you sit down for the holiday meal… Continue Reading