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Emotional Intimacy: Are You Standing in the Way?

Like actors on stage, we all play different roles in our lives. Some of these roles are more general (the competent, Emotional Intimacyemotionally “in-control” male; the empathic, emotionally generous female), while others are specific to a particular circumstance or relationship (the take-charge, no-nonsense boss; the loving, attentive parent; the loyal, considerate best friend). Some of these roles may resonate more deeply with what is most meaningful to you (these roles feel authentic to your core being, your deepest values), while certain roles may feel painfully forced, inauthentic, and at odds with who you are or want to be.

There are different dynamics that lead us to adopt certain roles. Societal norms, cultural values, gender expectations, family-of-origin dynamics, peer influences, etc., all give rise to and shape the roles we inhabit in our lives. Continue Reading

Four Reasons to Be Grateful for Online Dating – While You’re Looking for Love

When you come home from a disappointing date, it’s tempting to want to hurl your heels across the room, fling yourself across your bed and shout, “Well, that was a waste of time!” Okay, perhaps that’s just me. But there’s something pretty galling about setting aside an evening, getting all dolled up at the gym… Continue Reading

Could Nagging Actually Be Worse than Cheating?

We all know that infidelity destroys many relationships, but what about things like nagging and criticism? Read on for therapist Gina Binder‘s guest blog about another slow killer of relationships — nagging. Is nagging really so bad? I’ve been married to a divorce lawyer for 26 years and he’s never claimed that nagging is worse for a… Continue Reading

Scared of Being Single During the Holidays? Don’t Let it Sabotage Your Dating Life

What is it about the holiday season that makes being single feel worse than any other time of year? You’re convinced that every partnered person is basking in meaningful moments: Cuddling in front of fires, exchanging thoughtful “I totally get you” gifts and spending special times with family. The single person, on the other hand,… Continue Reading

When Your Relationship Starts to Feel Stale…

I love today’s guest post from authors Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt because it mentions something that I feel is super important — limiting or removing negativity and criticism in relationships. Continue reading for their insightful thoughts about keeping a relationship healthy and on track. Falling in love is amazing. The excitement of meeting someone… Continue Reading

How ‘Gen Y’ are Redefining Modern Romance

It’s always nice when someone focuses on the positive side of the equation. In this guest blog, psychotherapist Dr. Deborah Hecker points out how Generation Y smartly takes advantage of time and technology in their search for love. Gen Y are true innovators when it comes to love and dating. They are open-minded, experimental, and technology-savvy, which brings… Continue Reading