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Strengthen Your Relationship: Stopping Defensiveness in Its Tracks

Meet Kathleen, married for six years.  Kathleen was anxious about her upcoming presentation for an important work project. And like many of us, she can be a little short and snippy with her partner as her anxiety and stress gets ramped up. Her husband Carlos realized she’s been under a great deal of pressure, and… Continue Reading

Is Your Relationship Boring and Lifeless?

“I guess I’m bored with the whole marriage…We no longer try anything fun together.” ~Claretta, married twelve years “Our relationship problems center around the fact that we no longer excite each other.” ~Jonathan, dating his partner for almost five years The above issues are not exclusive to troubled couples. No matter how much we love… Continue Reading

The Phrase That’s Included In Almost Every Online Dating Profile

Get Fifty Newsletters: Subscribe Gentlemen, how many of you include this phrase, “No drama queens wanted,” in your online dating profile? Ladies, how many times have you seen those words? Have you ever wondered if that applies to you? The answer and the solution lies in these three questions you can ask yourself about your… Continue Reading