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Tall Women: Are Men Attracted or Intimidated?

tall women and dating issues 300x200 Tall Women: Are Men Attracted or Intimidated?Recently, a colleague of mine, a successful psychologist in her mid-30s, confided in me about an ongoing problem she faces in her dating life: She feels that she’s simply too tall for most men, standing at almost six feet. The issue she struggles with is the same issue many other tall women deal with as they look for a good romantic partner.

When we talk about tall women, there’s what many people think of as ‘sexy-tall,’ the range of height where women are, say, 5’8” or 5’9”. These women have the best of all possible worlds: They’re tall to the point that it’s easier to stay thin or carry weight well, but not so tall that they face the stigma of men not wanting want to date a tall woman. Tall women who experience romantic discrimination the most are approximately 5’10” and taller. Continue Reading

Shouldn’t This Be Easier?

“If this was ‘right,’ shouldn’t it be easier?” I was asked that question the other day by a woman who has been dating a guy for several months now. During that time, they have had numerous “issues” and serious “discussions.” “Shouldn’t this be easier,” she asked? “Yes, and no,” I replied. Strong, good, productive, and successful relationships… Continue Reading

‘The Diamond Collar’ offers Lessons in Love, Life and Pet Adoption

I am a big fan of the OWN network’s programming. They always find the most interesting and inspiring individuals to put into their shows. The new docu-drama “The Diamond Collar” is absolutely no exception. Premiering Friday, January 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the series follows the day-to-day life of James Guiliani, a former street enforcer… Continue Reading

Five Signs Your New Guy is a Keeper

Though dating isn’t necessarily easy for everyone, dating should get easier over time. If you’ve learned your lessons along the road to finding a compatible partner, you’ve probably found that the people you date over time have been getting better: They’re more appropriate and they treat you better than ones in the past. Looking at… Continue Reading

Men Who Don’t Confirm Plans: When to Give Him a Pass and When to Pass

So a guy you’ve been chatting with — whether after meeting online or in person — finally suggests plans to get together but falls silent on the big day. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you’ve discussed a date to the extent that you know when and where to meet him, it can be quite perplexing… Continue Reading

How to Deal: When Your Partner Says ‘I Need Space’

Many of us have encountered the “I need space” talk with romantic partners. I know I have, and it causes so much stress and doubt. Today’s guest blog is from therapist Gina Senarighi, who suggests some great ways to work through this tough sitiuation. It can be very hard to hear those three little words from your boyfriend,… Continue Reading