Monthly Archives: February 2014

New to Online Dating? Set Yourself Up for Success During Prime Time

January and February are the busiest months of the year for online dating. Not only are new people fueled by their resolutions, veteran members get more serious in their search for a sweetie. It’s a fun and hopeful season marked by a flurry of emails and plans. You never know when a first date is going… Continue Reading

Allowing All of Yourself into the Relationship

Over the course of our development, a type of self-construction occurs, a building and shaping of the person you see in the mirror. The evolution of the self involves a complex interplay between the unfolding of temperament (inborn traits) with the powerful impact that others have on our evolving self. Part of this developmental self-construction… Continue Reading

Healthy Couples Communication: The Power of Empathy

I’d like to share a communication strategy that I believe we all should be practicing in our marriages or relationships: It’s called anticipatory empathy. (The concept of anticipatory empathy comes from Relational-Cultural Theory—RCT.) Here is the definition of anticipatory empathy according to RCT: “Using one’s attunement and understanding of an individual to predict the possible… Continue Reading