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Alyssa Joy Bethke: The Person You Need to Know Before Meeting ‘The One’

BethkeAlyssa 249x300 Alyssa Joy Bethke: The Person You Need to Know Before Meeting The OneWe are very lucky to be able to feature this popular author today! In today’s blog, Alyssa Joy Bethke opens up her heart and history as she recalls her personal journey towards love.

I didn’t begin my first real relationship with a guy (now my husband) until I was 22. Not that I would have chosen that! Oh no. See ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being married; I mean, I was a bride for Halloween when I was 5! I remember playing dress up and never being a schoolteacher or doctor, but a wife and mom. Oh how I longed to be married, to have someone to do life with, to pursue me and want me. I definitely fell head over heels for a boy in high school. Four years of me being in love with him, and even if he did know at one point that I liked him, he never acted on it. In college there were a few crushes, but nothing serious. Yes, I went on a few dates…a waterpark, frozen yogurt, Disneyland (epic!). The worst date ever consisted of me eating across from the guy while he watched me eat (apparently he had eaten before?) and have nothing in common down to the point where I asked him what his favorite food was, and he responded “milk”, which I was lactose-intolerant. All that to say, I definitely was no expert when it came to dating or relationships. Yes, I had read tons of books on the subject and prayed for years for my husband, but I had no opportunity to apply those truths until I met Jeff. Continue Reading

Ladies: Don’t Believe These 10 Lies About Love

Today’s guest blog is from YourTango relationship expert Ronnie Ann Ryan, who disputes some popular yet false beliefs of single women. I have heard many of these comments made by girlfriends and acquaintances over the years. While Ryan focuses this on women over 40 — I feel women under 40 should also read this one. If you are… Continue Reading

Your Ideal Man Wish List – Is It Working for You?

Today’s guest blog comes from award-winning author Kelly Seal, who makes some very important observations and a crucial point — that the image you have of your ideal partner may be greatly limiting your chances at finding love! Read on for her smart observations… When you visualize your ideal man – the romantic prize after enduring all… Continue Reading

Four Things You Need to Know Before Breaking Up with Someone

Today’s post comes from relationship expert Marina Pearson, who makes 4 crucial points about breaking up. I hope this helps anyone challenged by guilt and emotions that come with this type of situation. Are you one of the many people ready to leave a relationship but either afraid of what the future will hold for… Continue Reading

How to Convey Confidence – Even When You Don’t Feel It

Therapists often talk about the importance of being “authentic,” or true to yourself and how you really feel. As a psychologist who specializes in relationships, I completely agree – except when we’re talking about confidence. If you’re not a confident person by circumstance or nature, there are simple behaviors you can practice to become more… Continue Reading

Can a Marriage Survive Adultery?

Today’s guest blog comes from psychologist Dr. Alicia H. Clark, who brings a little hope and lightness to a very difficult subject. Through her experiences with many couples, she feels the answer to the title of this article is — yes. Betrayal, deception, mistrust. And very, very hurt. These are the emotions people harbor after finding out their spouse… Continue Reading