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5 Behaviors That Turn Men Off — And How To Change Them

By Lisa Copeland

Nancy had worked her butt off climbing up the corporate ladder to her current position as Senior Vice President of Sales. She’d had to endure a lot to get there.

Men hadn’t always been keen on working for a woman and she knew over the years they had called her a bitch and other derogatory terms behind her back.

These days, she no longer cared as long as they got their jobs done. True, it had meant toughening up her heart. As a kid, it had broken so easily by those who didn’t like her.

Today, she was proud that this was no longer the case. Continue Reading

The Cause of Infidelity: Character Flaw or Something Else?

We can never determine the exact frequency of romantic cheating because people who get cheated on are often too embarrassed or humiliated to report it. Surveys about relationships are conducted every day, but getting someone to share details about their romantic life is often challenging. Think about it: Would you always tell the truth in… Continue Reading

Does Living Together Before Marriage Increase Chances of Divorce?

Today guest blog is from author and relationship expert Nancy Pina, who minces no words as she writes about couples who choose to live together without being married. It’s an interesting perspective and definitely worth some consideration. Popular culture implies that after a couple has dated for a certain amount of time, the next logical… Continue Reading

When Your Hot Date Goes Cold—and Then Heats up Again

At first, things were amazing — dates that lasted fourteen hours, a constant string of flirty emails and texts. You discussed what your kids would look like and whether or not you’d both be happy living in Albuquerque. The dude was seriously into you. Until he wasn’t. Suddenly communication ceased. He was “busy with work”… Continue Reading

Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Say: ‘I Hate Being Single’

If you’re unattached and looking for love, there’s one piece of advice circulating around the blog-o-sphere that’s particularly annoying: You should love being single. It’s not enough to be okay being single while you try to meet people. No, you should love it. Here are some of the best reasons why: You get to go… Continue Reading