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What Role Are You Playing in Your Relationship?

By Elise White

Transactional Analysis suggests that we all take on the characteristics of the Parent, Adult or Child in our relationships. Which role do you play?

Loving relationships are a gift that frequently bring us great joy. However, as one of the closest and most intense types of relationship that we can form with other people, there’s no denying that they can also be extremely complex.

We all spend a lot of time analysing our interactions with our partners – wondering if we said the right thing here or did the right thing there, but do we really know what’s happening underneath the surface? Continue Reading

Ladies: 7 Ways to Maintain Class and Control Through Any Life Challenge

We all have moments where we don’t love how we responded to a situation or acted. Dr. Sherrie Campbell joins us today with some amazing points for women who want to be their best selves. Written by Dr. Sherrie Campbell When you are grounded in who you are, you have a certain essence where people can feel… Continue Reading

6 Things a Good Man Does to Keep You

By Seth Meyers In Melissa McCarthy’s film “Tammy,” actress Kathy Bates has a small part in which she talks some sense into a down-on-her-luck McCarthy. In her monologue, Bates explains succinctly that, as people, “We aren’t all that mysterious.” Her character is right! This truism relates to dating in that finding a good man isn’t… Continue Reading