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Why People Settle for So-So Relationships

mediocre relationship 300x176 Why People Settle for So So RelationshipsBy Sara Eckel

When you’re single and searching, couples can look like an interesting puzzle. What separates them from you? Are they more desirable? More mature? Just luckier?

Possibly. But a new study has identified a less considered factor: Maybe they’re more fearful.

In a recent study at the University of Toronto, single female college students evaluated a dating profile that featured the picture of an attractive man with one of two descriptions of what he was seeking in a relationship. Continue Reading

Are You Sabotaging Your Chance at Love with This Destructive Habit?

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards When it comes to protecting yourself from loving the wrong person, you can forget solely relying on your list of deal-breakers. It turns out that our thoughts about ourselves are way more influential than we realize in determining the quality of person we connect with. I’m talking about the “not enough” greatest… Continue Reading

Are You Binge-Dating? The Difference Between Going After Your Goals and Losing Your Mind

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards After my book about how egg freezing affects women’s lives came out last year, readers consistently told me that one of their favorite passages was about a woman who went on so many dates she had to create a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. She’d cut and paste thumbnail photos… Continue Reading

Don’t Let This Dumb Question Wreck Your First Date

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards The question seems innocent enough. You’re happily chatting away with your date when your server stops at your table, delivers your pumpkin ale and Malbec and asks, “Will you be ordering food?” If you’re a guy (and I’m assuming most men pay for the first date), you feel under pressure to… Continue Reading

Sex, Sexuality and the Psychopath/Sociopath: An Introduction

By Seth Myers, Psy.D. By definition, the psychopath doesn’t have successful relationships. Actually, the truth is more about capacity than quality. With the psychopath, there is an absence of emotional connection and true empathetic feeling. The psychopath simply isn’t capable of trusting and depending on another individual. To sit with them and assess them as… Continue Reading

Reality Check: If He Wanted to Be with You, He Would

Relationship expert Virginia Clark doesn’t usually mince words. Today’s guest blog is no exception. If her story below resonates with you, it might be time to cut some ties and find someone who is actually available — and worthy of your energy. Written by Virginia Clark, YourTango It’s a simple idea, right? Even an obvious one, but… Continue Reading