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Fear of Intimacy in Men: Cause, Relationship Problems, Tips

By Seth Myers, Psy.D.

Generalization caveat: Not all men are afraid of relationships, but many men are terrified of them. Before I get into the reasons why they’re so afraid, let me first address the question of whether men are more afraid of relationships than women.

The debate about whether men and women are extremely similar or extremely different doesn’t seem to go away, and it’s largely because we have little way of proving much within the psychological arena. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll learn so much about the brain that we can definitively answer the question. Odds are, however, that the day may never come: Perhaps the social influences shaping males and females are so powerful that it’s primarily the social part, and not the biological part, that makes men and women who are they are.

Do men fear relationships more than women? The truth is that it’s hard to tell. Measuring fear of intimacy among men and women in a research sense is tricky, but one study (Thelen et al., 2000) attempted it and found that men scored higher on a Fear-of-Intimacy Scale. To women who have known men terrified of relationships, this research will come as no surprise. Continue Reading

I Love a Narcissist. Now What?

By Seth Myers, Psy.D. “I love a narcissist.” Simply put, there’s no kind of relationship one can have with a narcissist other than a confusing, gut-wrenching, and addictive one. The troubling characteristics of the narcissist induce an abuse-prone relationship dynamic so skewed that the narcissist extends gestures of love and physical affection on his terms… Continue Reading

Narcissistic Parents’ Psychological Effect on Their Children

By Seth Myers, Psy.D. The topic of narcissism begs the following question flashing in neon lights: Why would a narcissist want a child to begin with? Aren’t they so focused on themselves that they wouldn’t have the slightest interest in paying attention to others, much less attending to a needy young child who craves constant… Continue Reading

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Make a Good Husband (or Not!)

By Ashley Papa When relationships start out, it’s easy to fall head over heels right away, thinking maybe he’s “the one.” This phase, however, is not the ideal time to start planning a future together — especially because you’re only seeing the very best version of your partner. If you allow yourself to get blinded… Continue Reading

Adults with ADHD: Tips for Juggling Life in Today’s Frenetic World

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. We live in a wired, fast-paced world. We’re constantly plugged in — checking email and social media sites from all of our devices. We’re trying to meet ever-increasing expectations and demands, juggling careers and school, raising kids, managing our homes, entertaining, and much more, says Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW, a psychotherapist… Continue Reading

Elderly at Risk for PTSD Symptoms After Serious Fall

By Traci Pedersen Associate News Editor Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on September 14, 2014 Elderly people who have fallen down and suffered an injury may develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the next few days, according to a new study published in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry. The researchers found PTSD symptoms… Continue Reading