If you suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, you likely feel exhausted every day. The anxiety and tormenting thoughts may lead you to internal and external rituals. These compulsions provide relief — at least temporarily. You probably wish there was a magic pill or treatment that could take the suffering away permanently.

If you were told that the answer to a better life is found at the top of a high mountain, would you be willing to climb it? You would be warned, “It will be a stormy and an arduous ascent, but once you get to the top, you’ll find what you are looking for!” Would you take the chance and do what it takes to get there? It could be the hardest thing you’ve done in your life. Would you still consider it?

You might hesitate to sign up for such a challenge. You may hope that “things will get better.” After all, your compulsions grant you the relief you need daily. You may experience “good days,” and decide that climbing this mountain may not really be for you. It is human nature not to want to do hard things. If there are easier ways to obtain what we need, we usually opt for that. Why not? Continue Reading