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Why Some People Resist Change

By Lauren Suval

why some people resist change

A poignant narrative is embedded within Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song, “The Shelter Of Storms.” I speculate that she writes of a character who resists change; so much, in fact, that he runs towards the “storm” — the pain of it all.

You always had the gift of speed;

You’d disappear without a trace.

It all depended on the need,

And on the pain you could not face.


All the years and all the miles,

They lost track of time.

I look back now only once in awhile;

My memory just wants to blur the lines.


I greet the sun, and find it strange

To watch you run

For the shelter of storms

Sometimes, people become comfortably situated in misery; they don’t seek a way out or pine for the light at the end of a tunnel because it’s unfamiliar territory. Change is hard.

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