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The 3 Least Helpful Things People Say to Parents

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By Seth Meyers, Psy.D.

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As if parents don’t already have enough to deal with in meeting their children’s endless needs, they face the additional frustration of having to listen to nonsense feedback from other parents. As a therapist and parent, I live it firsthand and also hear my clients complain about the same circumstances. When parents vent to other parents about how challenging things are with their kids at a given moment, the parents they’re venting to often reply with a statement that lacks empathy and adds to the pressures they already have.

“Enjoy every minute of it.”

Hands down, this supposed nugget of wisdom is perhaps the most ludicrous of them all. Of course, people who make this comment might say in their defense, “I don’t mean every minute; I just mean to try to enjoy it overall.”

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