3 Effective Strategies for Improving Working Memory in Kids with ADHD

By Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA

One of the most consistent findings in research studies is that students with ADHD have poor working memory, particularly when they have to remember visual information, such as graphs or images. As part of a government-funded project that I led, I found that students with ADHD were 4x more likely to have working memory problems compared to their peers without attention problems. This has serious impact on their learning. As a result of working memory problems, students with ADHD perform struggle in all areas of learning. They can also find it difficult to cope with simple tasks in the classroom, such as following instructions, keeping track of where they need to be, remembering to do their assignments, and so on.” —-Quote by Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD.

A child with a diagnosis of ADHD is likely to experience challenges with working memory, the part of our short-term memory that helps us to process what is currently going on in our surroundings and/or our own thoughts.

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