4 Ways to Restore Trust After Lying

By Susie & Otto Collins

rebuild trust

You didn’t mean to, but you lied to the person you love the most. Maybe it was about how much you spent on a new outfit, where you went instead of “working late at the office,” or the fact that you’ve been in contact with your ex.

Either way, you lied and now it’s eating you up inside. Your partner may have found out already or you couldn’t take the guilt and you confessed. This is truly a frustrating and confusing place to be.

Feelings including embarrassment, shame, anger, resentment, justification, defensiveness, and more probably have you all stirred up inside, and if you’ve lied to this person in the past, you probably feel even worse. This is a habit you need to stop so you can stop destroying your relationship and they can learn to trust you again.

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