7 Keys to a Thriving Marriage

By Guest Contributors Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz, YourTango

Young couple in love wrapped in plaid standing and embrace each other

Not only do we think marriage is here to stay, we think marriage is better than ever (if you know the ingredients needed to keep love alive and thriving).

Positive examples of marriage and long-term relationships abound — they are everywhere! Successful and long-term relationships are the single greatest contributors to social order in the world today.

Beyond compatibility, successful relationships require simple acts, gestures, and conversations.

So join the ranks of other happy couples. Here are the seven key ingredients for a successful marriage:

1. Togetherness

In successful marriage it is not you and me, it is WE! Two separate people become one team, without losing their individual identities. Compromise is a part of daily living in a marriage. No one can have it all his or her way.

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