Are You in Healthy Relationships?

As hard is it is to believe, there are few people who are in healthy relationships and there are some who are in an unhealthy relationship and they do not know or even realize it. They have come from one unhealthy relationships to the next until they can hardly recognize an unhealthy relationship even if it hit them in the face. Healthy relationships are vital for the health of both the people in the relationship both mentally, psychological and physical. Healthy relationships are where by the partners love each other unconditionally. When they are together what they do is have fun. Yes they do argue, but the number of times they argue with each other is far much less than the number of times they are in good terms with each other.

People in healthy relationships respect each other. Whatever the partner decides to do on their own is respected by the other partner. Even if the decision made by the other person is not entirely agreeable to them, they will still respect each other’s opinion and come to an agreement or a compromise. They will also respect each other when their friends and family are around and will never do anything to make the other person feel ashamed before someone else. There also exist a lot of honesty in a healthy relationship. The partners know everything about each other but still love each other. If anyone did something wrong, they would also be honest enough to admit they did it.

Trust also exists in healthy relationships. In fact, you can not say to be in a healthy relationship if you can not trust a person. You can go out all by yourself and leave your partner behind and they will trust you enough to know that you cannot do anything to hurt them. There should also be some level of good communication between you and your partner. If your partner is the type to keep quiet about things that directly affect your relationship then you are not in a healthy relationship. The two of you should be able to talk about the things that affect the two of you in any way. Embarrassing or otherwise.

A healthy relationship is one where the two of you can be yourselves and have nothing to hide about. A healthy relationship is one where there is general support. It is not about every man or woman for himself and God for all of you. In healthy relationships couples support each other in all ways. Be it financially, physically, emotionally and any kind of support that is needed. No one in the relationship is afraid to ask for help just because they think they will look weak and the partner might end up looking down upon them. Every one needs help once in a while, even the strongest ones of them sometimes need to get help. A healthy relationship is one where a partner is not afraid to ask for it and will not feel guilty about asking for it neither will they feel like they are disturbing their partner. That is as long as it is something you really need help in.

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