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8 Dating Turnoffs Men Over 50 Should Stop Doing

By Lisa Copeland

Here’s a heads up for the post 50 single men out there… We ladies are so excited when you choose us as the “girl” you want to meet. Hours before our date with you, we are worrying whether you’ll like us. Our bedroom floor is littered with clothes as we look for just the perfect outfit to impress you. We do our best to look good, hoping the two of us click. Then the date happens and sometimes we’re bewildered by who we meet.

1. Gentlemen, please dress like you care about yourself. You don’t have to wear a suit to impress us but it would be nice if you didn’t wear your baggiest jeans and a stained shirt. You may be losing weight but there are a zillion discount stores out there that will gladly sell you a nice pair of jeans and a polo style shirt for less than $50.

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