Autism and the Gift of Friendship

Autism and the Gift of Friendship

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By Laura Yeager

the giftWhen you have an autistic child, you try your hardest to socialize him. Autistic children have difficulty with being social and understanding even the simplest things such as carrying on a conversation.

For this reason, psychological and educational organizations have developed what’s known as the “social group.” This is a group activity where autistic kids can essentially “meet and greet” and work on things such as talking to each other, empathizing with each other and simply enjoying each other’s company.

In my son Tommy’s 11 years, he’s been told he’s not “group ready” many times. And at one point, after I did get him accepted into a group, the powers that be wanted to kick him out. One of the big issues of that particular group was that he was afraid to go into the room in which it was held. He had separation anxiety.

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