Book Review: Mindful RelationshipsWhile most of us devote a considerable amount of energy and attention to improving our relationships, in their new book, Mindful Relationships: Creating Genuine Connection With Ourselves and Others, Dr. Richard Chambers and Margie Ulbrick argue that mindfulness itself is a relationship — one we should be spending a bit more time on.

Dr. Chambers, a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized mindfulness expert who specializes in mindfulness-based therapies, and Margie Ulbrick, a collaborative family lawyer, relationship counselor and psychotherapist, draw upon their combined experience to offer a practical and evidence-based guide to using mindfulness to improve all aspects of our lives.

The authors begin by reminding us that mindfulness lives in both our relationship with ourselves and the relationship we create with the world around us. A mindful relationship with ourselves embodies true intimacy,the kind that allows and accepts all parts of ourselves,…

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