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Can a Passive Aggressive Marriage Be Healed?


Expert Author Louis Clichot

Passive aggressive behavior is relatively common, and includes sabotaging behaviours intended to establish a wedge of separation between both of you. Look at this list, and see how the end result is isolating the husband from the marriage, from the spouse and finally from his own feelings.

In this way, he reaches the point of hostile dependency, where he feels not tied up to an emotional relationship which risks making him feel dependent on other.

This is the perception of the spouse of a passive aggressive husband: Continue Reading

Why People Sabotage Their Love Relationships By Using Passive Aggressive Behaviors

By Nora Femenia In the glow of a new love relationship, our expectations of bonding, sharing and connecting with each other are very high… and this high feeling corresponds with the satisfaction of our human need for love and connection. We are all programmed by evolution to search and find another human being to develop… Continue Reading

Wives Shouldn’t Let Passive Aggression Bring Them and Their Husbands Down!

By Neil Warner It can take passive aggressive people years, even lifetimes, to realize the truth about the unintended impact of their behavior on loved ones. When they do, it often comes as a huge blow to see how they have hurt those they loved and maimed the relationships that were “important” to them, while… Continue Reading

The World Is Changing, and So Are the Solutions for Passive Aggression

By Neil Warner Out in the research and psychology world, there are little to no resources that offer help men heal their own passive aggression. There are almost no blogs or websites that address the passive aggressive person directly, sitting him down and giving it to him straight. Unhappy wives have taken up this task,… Continue Reading