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Does Sex in Marriage Have to Be Boring?

By Dr. Rich Nicastro

Committed, long-term relationships seem to get a bad rap whenever the discussion of sexual passion or great sex occurs. If you’re aSex in Marriage couple who’s been together more than say, ten years or so, it’s generally assumed by those in newer relationships or marriages that your sex life is probably “fair” at best, interspersed with long stretches of sexual “ho-hum-ness.” And then there are those who have to settle for a sexless marriage or relationship, either because of sexual desire incompatibilities or due to years of relationship strain that have created an iron-clad wedge between partners.

But while a certain percentage of couples do struggle to create a fulfilling sex life, there are many who feel that the long-term foundation of their union has enhanced sexual intimacy and fulfillment rather than dampened it. For those couples, sex has become not only a means of giving and receiving sexual pleasure, but a powerful pathway to a deeper emotional connection as well. Continue Reading

Relationship Help: Why Temporary Improvements Spell Trouble

By Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. You’ve probably heard or read about the virtues of effective communication for creating and maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship. Effective couples communication helps to create emotional pathways that join the couple, pathways that foster a deeper experience of mutual understanding and connectedness. This communication often involves words, but it can… Continue Reading

Communication in Marriage for Greater Intimacy

by Richard Nicastro Communicating through words—through the sharing of your experiences, feelings and reactions—helps to create bridges that connect you and your partner/spouse. Effective communication doesn’t just involve words, however. It also centers around an emotional resonance where each person tunes into what the other is feeling (like turning the radio dial beyond the static… Continue Reading

Strengthen Your Relationship by Keeping Negativity in Check

Intimate relationships pose a challenge to even the most well-intentioned and loving couples. To assume that your marriage or relationship will run smoothly from beginning to end is naïve at best (though we may all wish that this was indeed the case). Of course, I’m not suggesting that your relationship should involve emotional pain or… Continue Reading

Reconnecting to Your Partner: How Your Relationship Can Heal You

All relationships vacillate between moments of connection and disconnection. It is through connection with our loved one that emotional healing can take place, that our old childhood wounds get reworked and closure is reached. In today’s post, relationship expert Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, examines this important issue and identifies the specific elements of a healing… Continue Reading

Strengthen Your Relationship: Acceptance Versus Suppression

The idea of acceptance—to openly allow what is, without resisting or doing battle with it—has clear benefits for all involved. An acceptance mindset is something many of us strive to obtain, but this clearly doesn’t come easy. In my work with couples I frequently hear one or both partners state the need for greater acceptance… Continue Reading

Couples Communication: Are You Shutting Your Partner Down?

Jamie learned how to communicate more effectively after taking several couples communication workshops and reading a few relationship advice books. He tried using “I” statements whenever he spoke about sensitive matters, and he even applied active listening when his wife shared her feelings about an important relationship issue. Yet according to his wife Lindsey, Jamie… Continue Reading

Couples Help: The Power of Shared Activities

As a psychologist and relationship therapist, I frequently hear stories of couples drifting apart; couples that were once close and seemed to share in the joys and adventures of life slowly started to look more like roommates with little in common other than an address. In many of these instances, the marriage or relationship seems… Continue Reading