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Be a kid again: Acting your shoe size, and not your age, can actually be good for you

You probably haven’t, but you should, because it makes it a helluva lot more enjoyable.

The Color Run presented by paint company Dulux is taking place this Sunday and involves just that. “Imagine it as a great big summer snowball fight of colour,” event director Joe Rafferty tells us. Billed as “the happiest 5k on the planet”, with Zumba warm-ups, the aforementioned coloured powder thrown at you every kilometre, and a big party at the finish line, it made us wonder how we could be happier simply by acting like big kids every now and again.

When we were kids, we loved nothing more than climbing a big tree, just to sit and be. We doubt we were contemplating anything more profound than whether we wanted fish fingers or chicken nuggets for tea, but there’s something about the exhilaration of climbing coupled with the quiet of sitting on-high that clears your mind.

Burnout expert and life coach for the NHS Online Health Sector, Jayne Morris explains: “When you’re having trouble solving a problem, just a few moments engaging in your instinctive state of play is enough to occupy your conscious mind and free up the innovative thoughts of your unconscious, which is your creative genius within.”  Continue Reading

How to woo a woman: Old-fashion etiquette vs TNT’s guide to dating

Having trouble landing yourself a date? William Sweeting, an etiquette consultant and events manager for royals and dignitaries, shares the good old-fashioned way to woo a woman, plus we suggest a few ideas of our own… The old-fashioned way: “A gentleman should always approach a lady first as it would be unseemly if it were the… Continue Reading