Dating With a Disability: ‘Should I Just Give Up?’

Dating With a Disability: ‘Should I Just Give Up?’

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 Dear Sara: I’m in Seattle and dating here is brutal. I’m 41, educated, funny, fairly attractive, and kind/courteous. I’m looking for the real thing. Here’s the problem: I was almost killed in a car wreck two years ago and my ankles and feet were crushed, every single bone, as well as others in my legs and arm. I will always walk with at least one forearm cane, and probably will have two. In a culture where texts aren’t returned because of a wrong shade of lipstick, what can I do? I have to wear flats that are fairly clunky and can’t go on long walks on the beach. I should be happy to be alive and healing slowly. That should be enough, but it isn’t. Should I just give up that part of my life altogether and focus on healing and working until I die?


its not you sara eckel




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