Do You Know the 5 Secrets to Creating a Lasting Love?

By Stuart Fensterheim

relationship advice for married couples

Developing the secure, fulfilling bond you deserve with your partner is hard work, but it is not impossible. Below are five characteristics of every strong bond and what you can do to help create a deep, loving connection.

1. You And Your Partner Must Truly Become Best Friends
But what is a best friend? A best friend is likely someone you have known for a long time. You probably know them better than anyone. You had an initial connection based on common interests and enjoyment of each other’s company that grew into a solid, trustworthy, caring relationship. From this history, you have established a level of comfort so great that you can take risks and allow yourself to be vulnerable around your best friend. You can talk to your best friend without judgment or fear. This is a person you really love.

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