Healing from Incest: Intimate Conversations with My Therapist

By Geri Henderson & Seanne Emerton
Reviewed by Megan Riddle

Book Review: Healing From Incest

Many subjects we once considered taboo are now the topic of dinner conversation: the lingering stigma of mental illness; transgender rights; rape and what constitutes consent. In many ways, we are more open and honest about things that we used to leave undiscussed.

However, one subject tends to remain unmentionable, shrouded in a complex web of shame and secrets. Incest.

In Healing from Incest: Intimate Conversations with My Therapist, Geri Henderson bravely shares her story of trauma — and, ultimately, her healing. Cowritten with her former therapist, Seanne Emerton, the book provides an honest and often painful look at Henderson’s recovery.

In bits and pieces, Henderson brings us the story of her childhood. The book begins with what might seem like the end, but is really just another step in recovery: the death of her father. She attends the funeral, something she hadn’t intended to do.

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