Healing the Effects of a Narcissist: Putting the Focus Back on You

By Sarah Newman, M.A.

I recently wrote about why you can’t win with a narcissist. Many readers asked what steps one would take to handle the narcissist in their lives. However, that all depends on the situation.

Relationships are complicated. There’s no one surefire way to deal with a narcissist, but you can focus on yourself and heal the hurt they have caused.

The narcissist in your life may be your elderly mother, the father of your children, your boss, even your adult daughter. No one can tell you when to leave your job, your relationship, your town. These are all decisions a person has to make on their own. Likewise, no one is going to tell you exactly how to handle a narcissist. It’s a personal choice.

Can you throw this toxic person out of your life for good? Of course, and you don’t need permission to walk away.

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