Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are fun and make you feel good about yourself. The relationships that you make in your teenage years will be a special part of your life. They will teach you some of the most important lessons about who you are. This may help you understand different kinds of relationships, what makes each relationships special, and how to communicate in a positive way.

What makes a relationships healthy?

Communication and Sharing. The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to each other. You and the other person can find out what your common interests are. You can share your feelings with the other person and trust that he or she will be there to listen to you and support you. In healthy relationships, people don’t lie. Communication is based on honesty and trust. By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people, you show them that they play an important part in your life.

Respect and Trust: In healthy relationships, you learn to respect and trust important people in your lief. Disagreements may still happen, but you learn to stay calm and talk about how you feel. Talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along. It makes it much easier to figure out how to fix it. In healthy relationships, working through disagreements often makes the relationships stronger. In healthy relationships , people respect each other for who they are. This includes so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable. You will find that you learn to understand experiences and feelings of others as well as having them understand your experiences and feelings.

How do I know that I have a healthy relationships with someone?

You know that you are in a healthy relationships with someone because you feel good about yourself when you are around that person. Unhealthy relationships can make you feel sad, angry, scared, or worried.

Healthy peer relationships involve an equal amount of giving and taking in the relationships. In unhealthy relationships, there is an unfair balance. You may often feel that you are giving the other person more attention than that he or she gives to you.

You should feel safe around the other person and feel that you can trust him or her with your secrets. In a healthy relationships, you like to spend time with the other person, instead of feeling that you have to spend time with him or her.

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