He’s Back…

he's back
He’s Back

He’s back from a place where darkness exist
Where selfishness and self-centeredness was things that couldn’t be replaced
Where Love was only a word and lust did all work

He’s Back

He’s back from the place where hurting people was a trait
Where GOD didn’t exist and the devil was his ace
Where he treated the one he loved with no faith to make it straight but only provide lots of hate

He’s Back

He’s back to claim what’s rightfully his and make good to his new found faith.
His selfish ways was taken away and a new vision was given to pave the way
He learned a lot from this dark place and realized the hurt just pushed his love one away

He’s Back

He’s on a mission to make things right because through his journey someone said 2nd chances do exist
His old visions and heart was replaced. His evolution demonstrates in his grace in his faith.

He’s Back

From a conversation he had from his superior. That same person used him in ways that was unimagineable and again recited that 2nd chances was in site
After water hit his face, he remembered all the wrong decisions that were made and now to go out in his new mission is set in place

He was told to go make things right. Go heal those open wounds you created. Make her your weakness and build her strength
Go use love as your new found weapon
Go helps individuals in the same dark places where you used to be

And to go get what he lost but not to fulfill his desires but only to continue the fulfillment of what GOD already had planned

He’s Back

“When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man, he becomes her strength. This is called exchange of power.” Unknown Author

Marckens P.

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