How to Make Every Date Worthwhile

How to Make Every Date Worthwhile

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By Sara Eckel

Most online daters have a general idea of the qualities they’re seeking in a boyfriend or girlfriend—smart, funny, athletic, etc. But couples therapist Peter Pearson says the most important factor is often overlooked: your date’s values. Pearson explains that while daters often place a lot of importance on physical attraction and common interests, shared values are what enable relationships to endure.

“Ultimately it’s our value system that is going to set the trajectory of how we get along or not,” says Pearson, whom I discovered through a Tech Insider post on dating.

Our values, he explains, drive our behavior. They determine how much we spend on houses and cars, and how much we save. They determine whether we work long hours to secure a better future, or whether we devote our weekends to enjoying the present with friends and family. They determine whether we travel widely or stay close…

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