How to Tell If a Man is a Misogynist: 3 Signs

How to Tell If a Man is a Misogynist: 3 Signs

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By Seth Meyers, Psy.D.

how to spot a misogynist

Over the course of my career, I have written a lot about misogyny, and I am always sensitive to it when I hear about it from clients or see it in my personal life. There’s no question that there are some men who hate women, and I’ve found that misogyny is taught and sustained by the larger society. A part of what makes misogyny so dangerous – and not just immoral or unjust – is that men are generally physically stronger than women and can thus dominate and injure them much more severely than women can with men.

Any kind of past abuse history in which he was the perpetrator

The most prevalent, dangerous, and sinister manifestation of the hatred some men have towards women is found with rates of physical and sexual abuse and assault by men on women.

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