Like a Queen


My father raised me like a princess
So I grew up to be a queen
His hugs and kisses were in excess
I was the spotlight of his dream

He poured his soul into my heart
He told me I make him proud
Because of him I’m really smart
And in him true love I found

He taught me to be ambitious
Hard work is what we do
Not an ounce of us malicious
We do right and follow rules

He taught me to respect
And be better than the rest
Exceed limits others expect
Reach the stars and be the best!

My dad works hard for all his girls
He supplies all of our needs
To him we’re far more precious than pearls
So he treats us all like queens

My standards are through the roof
For any man that wants a chance
He has a lot to prove
Cuz my dad loved me in advance

My father raised me like a princess
So any man that wants to be seen
Must show love to me in excess
And treat me like a queen!

Be blessed, spread love,


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