Remodeling Your Brain to Enhance Your Life

By Nicholette Leanza, MEd, LPCC-S

The brain can change its neural structure and make new neurons. Here are a few tips on how to remodel your brain in order to enhance your life:

Are you a worrier? Are you angry a lot? Paying attention to what we think about most enables us to identify where our brain wiring is faulty and unhealthy. Your brain could be wired for anxiety, anger or any other negative thoughts, feelings or perceptions about yourself and the world.

Our brains have nerve cells called neurons. Neurons have tiny branches that reach toward and connect with other neurons to form a neural network. Your brain has millions of these networks that form every thought and experience you have in your life. These interconnected networks form an intricate web of memories, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Thus, if you find yourself constantly worrying about bills, your relationship or even the future, then it may be that you wired your brain to be anxious.

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