Signs Of A Healthy Relationship – 3 Signs of a Healthy Relationship That Signal a Healthy Love Life

What are the signs of a healthy relationship and can reading about them guide you to create a healthy relationship? Let’s find out….

Healthy Relationship Sign 1: Multiplying your blessings

It is a good practice to look for the signs of a healthy relationship. It is much better to look at your relationship from the perspective of what is good and what is working well, than to look at it searching for faults and flaws. That is just a fundamental piece of good personal psychology tantamount to always looking on the bright side of life. When you count your blessings, you activate that part of your mind called the Reticular Activating System and, as a result, you spot more and more good things in your life. You will find that this is a major sign of healthy relationships. People in healthy relationships look for the good in each other. They reinforce the positives by giving all their attention and appreciation towards what they like and enjoy about their partner, and accept and play down those things that they cannot change. This creates an on-going cycle of appreciation, enjoyment and love for one another.

Healthy Relationship Sign 2: Putting in time and effort

Another one of the major signs of a healthy relationship is that each partner has accepted the fact that love and romance do not just happen by themselves. They need to be worked at. And people in healthy relationships have a tacit understanding of that. Each partner puts in the time, effort and creativity necessary to create relationship magic. At a pragmatic level, this involves being kind, thoughtful and affectionate with your partner. It translates as hugs and kisses, compliments on appearance and achievements, little gifts and loving notes, acts of thoughtfulness and care. Basically, you do everything you can reasonably do to add joy to your partner’s daily experience and to increase his or her feeling of happiness. This is the act-ion of Love, something you commit to doing every day.

Healthy Relationships Sign 3: Two powerful individuals

Another one of the main signs of a healthy relationship is that each member of the couple is a unique, strong and independent person. A useful metaphor for a healthy relationship is that the two people involved are like two powerful upstanding pillars. Together they can support the relationship aloft. But if one of the pillars is leaning over onto the other pillar, the relationship becomes unstable and falls. There are of course lots of times when you will need the support of your partner and will lean on them in those times. The signs of a healthy relationship though are found in 2 people who are strong and independent, who understand the give and take of relationships, and work hard to stay in relationship credit by regularly investing their time and energy into the relationship in ways that their partner appreciates and benefits from.

The way to relationship health

By looking for the signs of a healthy relationship, you open your mind to new ideas that can shape and improve your romantic love life. With all of life’s challenges, it can be hard to stay on your toes and do all the things you wanted to do when you first started out to make your relationship terrific. With all our busy-ness, staying creative and coming up with ideas to enhance and make our relationships healthy can be challenging. That is why I found ‘The 50 Secrets to Blissful Relationships’ such a godsend. It’s packed full of ideas, advice and tips gleaned from couples who have built healthy, long-term love relationships that have survived the distance and grown from strength to strength. I think whatever you can get your hands on to shortcut the process of creating healthy relationships is worth its weight in gold and it’s my pleasure to recommend that resource to you (see my resource box below). Emulating the success of others is a great strategy employed in all the best marriages and, yes, another sign of a healthy relationship.

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