What To Say When He Disappoints You

By Rori Raye

What To Say When He Disappoints You

At some point while you’re dating a new man, he is bound to do something that makes you feel weird, uncomfortable, or just plain angry. But you’ll probably feel like you don’t want to rock the boat with him.

So you’ll stuff down your feelings and pretend everything’s okay. You act like nothing’s wrong, because you believe you need to “go with the flow” or he’ll think you’re high maintenance and lose interest.

But not letting him know how you feel actually prevents you from connecting with him at a deeper level. Conflict is actually an opportunity to get closer to him and build a relationship. When you express your feelings, he gets to see who you really are. It shows that you trust him to reveal something difficult, and it gives him the chance to make things better. In turn, he’ll start to feel safe with you and let you in on what he’s feeling, too.

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